About Us

Since 1987, Redl World Class Kitchens has been manufacturing high quality hand crafted cabinetry. For us, the customer always comes first. At Redl World Class Kitchens, we believe that the kitchen is an extension of the owner. Our highly skilled Redl design team use innovative solutions, timeless styles, and a truly amazing spectrum of finishes to create a personalized design - one that reflects the customer’s tastes while accommodating their needs. Every piece is manufactured to specifications in one millimetre increments, ensuring an exceptional fit and great functionality. Quality construction and attention to detail are Redl trademarks. At Redl World Class Kitchens our goal is to attain a level of excellence that incorporates function, imagination and style to create an appealing setting to cook, entertain and live.

Green Statement

Since 1987 Redl has been a family owned business with deep roots to the local community, as we have grown so has our commitment to the worldwide community. Promotion of energy and resource conservation has always been integral to our corporate culture. Redl strives to set the standard for ecological responsibility, conservation and preservation resulting in high quality cabinets that are environmentally conscious. With more that 25 years in manufacturing, you can feel satisfied knowing you have a quality product that not only stands the test of time but respects the environments also. At Redl, we strive to use our technology and experience to improve our efficiency, as well as ensure that we are being responsible with our eco-footprint. Our design options and manufacturing processes combine several processes friendly to the environment.


The bulk of Redl products are wood and all bi product and scraps are collected for recycling. When you recycle wood you are preventing it from either rotting or burning, usually. That means the carbon stored in the wood will remain in the wood. It will not be released into the atmosphere.

In the utilization of low formaldehyde emission choice selections, Redl sources Glacier Green Low Emissions MDF recognized product.

All wood products used at Redl is purchased through FSC, CARB and EPP, certified distributors ensuring the highest quality standards while minimizing negative impact to the environment

Paint Processes

The paint process Redl uses, results in a significant reduction of hazardous waste through elimination of banned solvents.

This process eliminates the harmful discharge of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). Our finished product will not omit any off gassing into the clients home.

Paints and thinners are reused and stored in proper ventilated rooms for use in the future where possible.

Any paints not suitable for use in Redl manufacturing plant are picked up and displaced through a third party recycler. The waste paint is recycled and used in the manufacturing of other products such as plastic chairs and waste containers.


Bulk packaging that significantly reduces the amount of cardboard packaging is encouraged whenever possible

Packaging practices have been modified to reduce the amount of cardboard and save valuable resources

All corrugated cardboard used to package purchased materials and supplies is collected and compacted for recycling

Local suppliers use returnable containers

Office Waste

All appropriate paper is recycled

Large empty printer/photocopier cartridges are returned to the supplier for re-fill

User of technology is used to eliminate unnecessary office stationary

Energy Conservation

Our flexible manufacturing and office schedules along with Redl’s reduction of inventories have resulted in a reduction of energy consumption

Air Quality

All the air in Redl’s manufacturing plant is filtered to the best ability and reduction in wood particles floating in the air has been an important implementation. The wood is collected through filtration systems and collected in proper storage containers.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

Even though LEED does not certify products, all Redl products meet the requirements for LEED Recycled Content, all of which contribute to LEED Points and Credits